Introducing: Not the Geeks You're Looking For


Quarantines, technical issues, sleep....

When we first started this endeavor, we had no idea of the challenges we would face in trying to get it off the ground. Still, we persisted. And here we are, six months later, about to actually launch our first podcast! This is quite the journey for two best friends.

So what is "Not the Geeks You're Looking For"?

In short, it's the culmination of 2+ decades of friendship and fandom. We're two people who met through our passion for performance, bonded over fandom and magic, lost and found each other, and remain...well...mostly hetero lifemates. 

For the long, you'll really need to listen to the podcast yourself. 

I can tell you that this podcast is going to be about fandom...unfiltered. So, subscribe (in the upper right) or follow (links below!), because we're going to turn it up to eleven, get our squee on, and talk about our fave movies, series, books, music, OTPs, art, and so much more.

Welcome to our world. You have been warned.


Not the Geeks Spotify Playlist